EVM is organized as a factory of ideas shaped by an interdisciplinary team of its own, a network of collaborators and a well-defined framework. EVM uses tools and methodologies that allow avoiding dominant logics and established paradigms to look for fresh and new alternatives.

Identified with this idea, EVM has its knowledge and acquired experiences in training, education, technology and innovation, as well as its added value in human capital at the service of social economy to enhance the management and transparency of all projects involved in helping those in need.

EVM.net is an ecosystem of people, tools and processes that are organized in an agile and innovative way to offer an effective, efficient and high added value response to the different challenges and problems that arise from any area of our society.

EVM has bet, since its establishment, an online training as a tool for improving the professional skills of public and private entities, reducing the requisites to a simple Internet connection.


Nikanor Ltd was established in 2002 as a private company working in the field of recruitment, adults training and human resources management and development. It is licensed by NAVET as a Vocational Educational Training Center, specialized in training personnel for the tourism sector, and a Center for Information and Guidance (CIPO). It is also certified under quality management system ISO 9001:2000. We have 5 full-time employees and work with between 50 and 180 external experts, teachers, trainers, consultants and other part-time specialists on civil contracts.

The company operates on the territory of entire Bulgaria, depending on the projects it has. It offers trainings in 25 professions and 32 specialties, language courses and soft skill trainings, as well as classroom-based trainings, online trainings, blended learning, virtual classrooms, etc.

Our target groups are as young people, who we train and counsel on professional orientation, career development and entrepreneurship, as well as vulnerable groups on the labour market, including unemployed people, marginalised groups, low-skilled and low-qualified people, economically disadvantaged people, etc.

Nikanor ltd has created over 20 programmes in the field of tourism. The company covers a wide range of professions in tourism area and trains about 1000 people per year in the field of tourism. One of our primary goals for the future is to strategically develop and expand our expertise in the areas of tourism education by using non-formal methods.


SMEBOX AB is a typical network company – working in different sectors with different partners. Therefore the staff is normally between 2-5 persons as a base – but in projects and other missions we can both as staff and partners reach 10-25 individuals.

The scope of SMEBOX is “SMEs” and working as a “toolBOX” for them. The company started in 1999 based on tools and methods for training and developing SMEs and managers/company owners. The work in Sweden has been on local, regional and national markets and projects but also a number of transnational projects and missions have been performed.

SMEBOX is the base for SME Academy – a European Network based on the knowledge FOR and ABOUT SMEs.

SMEBOX is working in the crossroads of Education, Training and the World of Work. We have been engaged in transnational projects regarding VET organizations, Assessment tools for VET trainers, Developed curriculums for courses and training programs, competence development programs etc…

SMEBOX is an early adopter of new technology and have been engaged in digital knowledge transfer – using e-books, videos, animated videos, AR and VR – as parts of learning platforms and LMS.


ASSET – is the Agency of the Chamber of commerce, industry, craftmanship andagriculture of Potenza (Basilicata) founded in 1992 pursuant to Par. 32 of the Royal Decree 2011/1934 and to Par. 2 of the Law 580/1993. It has at the moment 8 employees.

ASSET is a body governed by public law that has among its statutory tasks:

• business and entrepreneurship training and education, with a particular focus on new entrepreneurs (since it was set up they were carried out more than 20.000 hours of training); the entrepreneurship education is implemented even in projects intended for high school and college students;

• support for the start of new businesses through information and consultancy services (market research, subsidized loans, evaluation of the business idea and so on); over the last seven years we have helped the start of more than 100 new enterprises, operating in all sectors, including innovative start-ups;

• vocational guidance and counseling: ASSET is co-operating with 18 high schools and the regional University and has involved in its actions more than 1700 students;

• organization of “work based learning” experiences that would allow high school students to alternate short periods of in-company training (or other business practices) to teaching in classroom: about 300 students have taken part so far to the actions carried out by ASSET;

• services in support of technological and organizational innovation in local SMEs;

• promotion on international markets of local enterprises;

• certification of typical and traditional products etc.

It is being accredited as employment agency.

As far as the tourism industry ASSET has realized several actions, some of the most important of which are listed below. Tourism is becoming a particularly important economic sector in the Basilicata region because of the increasing number of arrivals and presences not only on the coasts but also in the internal naturalistic areas and in the cities of art (Matera, first of all, but also Venosa), thus deserving new investments from local authorities, including the Chamber of Commerce.


Professional Training Solutions (STP Consulting) as a Vocational Training center is located in Zaragoza (Spain) and it offers training courses and technical support to private companies, public administration in rural areas, schools, NGOs and Incubators of Entrepreneurs into innovation in the areas of education sector, and professional solutions of non-profit sector. Contribute with our

services to be qualified to work in a variety of professions for smes with accessibility of innovation and information for people and communities with a social risk as well as disadvantages. Our main activity is to improve educational, social and cultural standards by intensive co-operation with other EU regions.

STP as Vocational Training Center (VTC) provides the entrepreneurs people with abilities that are needed in the local labour market. Given the current lack of opportunities in the local labor market, STP prepares entrepreneurs for self-employment and to arise new business. Through training courses, the students are guided through every aspect of their chosen trade. In line with the STP philosophy “learning by doing and doing by learning”, on-the-job training is emphasized and practical skills are judged to be just as important as theory.


LAMK ensisijainen tunnus JPG

Lahti University of Applied Sciences (Lahti UAS), a part of LUT Group, is a multidisciplinary higher education institution (HEI) located in the city of Lahti in the southern part of Finland. Lahti UAS is the largest institute of higher education in the region. The goal of Lahti UAS is to develop the region’s working life, entrepreneurship, regional learning and innovation environment, and to advance individual and environmental well-being, and to support the internationalisation of the Lahti Region as well.

The Research Development and Innovation (RDI) activities have been profiled to four multidisciplinary strategic focus areas: Design, Smart Business, Circular Economy Solutions, and Welfare and Reformative growth.

During the past years, Lahti UAS has coordinated and participated in many national and European Union funded international programmes and joint development projects.

The number degree students of Faculty of Business and Hospitality Management is over 1600 and staff around 70.  The faculty offers 8 bachelor’s degree programmes (two in English) and 5 master’s degree programmes (one in English). Lahti UAS has launched multidisciplinary learning study packages in Service Design, Circular Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Event Management. Learning Package studies are multidisciplinary study programmes, in which students can specialize and accumulate expertise in different working life based projects.