The e-learning material will consist of 6+2 study modules of which 6 for beginners and 2 for professionals. The themes are:

Modules for beginners

  • Module 1 Introduction to management by EVM (Spain)
  • Module 2 Financial management by EVM (Spain)
  • Module 3 Marketing by ASSET/FORIM (Italy)
  • Module 4 Customer experience in tourism and hospitality industry by Lahti UAS (Finland)
  • Module 5 Leadership and motivation by STP Consulting (Spain)
  • Module 6 Specific ICT tools in the tourism business by NIKANOR (Bulgaria)

Modules for professionals:

  • Module 1 Coaching skills by SMEBOX AB (Sweden)
  • Module 2 Mentoring skills by NIKANOR (Bulgaria)

Each lesson will include the following parts:

  • one case study
  • one video lesson
  • further reading document
  • at the end of the module, a self-assessment test on the module

Modules for beginners

Modules for professionals